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Gamecompressed - All of you must be already know that I’m a big fan Of Naruto Shippuden. So, today I wanna share Game Naruto Shippuden like Naruto Shinobi Breakdown. that I recenly played. You can Download Game Naruto the Setting Down from the link below Gratis aka Free. What kind of game is Naruto the Setting down? Absolutely it’s not a shooting horror game like Resident Evil 3 or Life simulation like The Sims 3.

PC game Naruto the Setting Dawn is a fighting game among Naruto Shippuden character. Beside the good guy at Naruto Shippuden, you also can use the Akatsuki Bad guy as your character! This Naruto Game is Interesting, huh?

Oh yeah, FYI this game isn’t official game of Naruto or Naruto Shippuden. It’s unlikely a fan made modified game of Little Fighter. The creator of this NTSD 2.4 just create the skin and using Little Fighter as it’s base game play. Take a look at the screen shot below.

Naruto Vs Sasuke : Game Naruto The Setting Dawn 2


Features Game:
  • One of the most impressive versions about Naruto Shippudem.
  • This magnificent version makes you forget you are playing LF2 game and not in Naruto game.
  • Known ninjas, backgrounds from the anime, amazing attacks and more...
  • Recommended to all naruto lovers!

The best feature of this game is, you can use ANY jutsu the Naruto Shippuden character possessed! Example, Naruto can use Fuuton Rasen Shuriken or even Four Tail Kyubi Transformation!! Wonderful!! But heck….it’s pretty hard transformin Naruto to Kyubi Form!!! If you don’t believe me, just try it. I bet if you are not patient enough, you are gonna smack ur keyboard Instantly…ahahahaha :D

The bad side, this game is pretty boring if you already tried every character and already use every jutsu. Maybe it will be good if there’s any LAN or “fight ur friend” function. Maybe it’s exist, but I didn’t find it yet.
Overall, this Game is a MUST for all Naruto Shippuden to have. So what are you waiting for? Download game Naruto shippuden the setting down right now!

Download Naruto The Setting Dawn 2 Game from Mediafire

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