Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles Collector's Edition [FINAL]

Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles Collector's Edition [FINAL] PC Game DownloadCharles Baskerville is the latest victim of a centuries-old curse! Now, Henry Baskerville needs Sherlock Holmes’ help to break the curse, before another murder occurs! Travel to legendary Baskerville Hall, and figure out exactly what is going on, and what the mysterious Hound of the Baskervilles

Season Match: Curse of the Witch Crow [FINAL]

Season Match: Curse of the Witch Crow [FINAL] PC Game DownloadEnter a magical fairy-tale world and overcome the evil Crow Witch! After the Crow Witch captures the Months, the world may never see a New Year again! Help her desperate captives escape using your Match 3 talents! Master minigames and find helpful items in Hidden Object scenes in Season Match 3: Curse of the Witch Crow. Free the

The Hidden Object Show 3: Millionaire Manor [FINAL]

The Hidden Object Show 3: Millionaire Manor [FINAL] PC Game DownloadYour grandfather has disappeared! The only clue he left is a cryptic message about a game show that no longer exists. Can you overcome the mysteries of the Millionaire Manor and stop the macabre machinations of a madman? Can you uncover the secrets of your unhinged host? Take on the challenges of The Hidden Object Show once

The UnderGarden [FINAL]

The UnderGarden [FINAL] PC Game DownloadThe UnderGarden MULTi3-ALiAS (English, German & French)Release date: 12/11/2010 The UnderGarden is a brand new, highly immersive casual game designed to inspire, provoke, and hypnotize.Gameplay is simple, yet profoundly compelling. Your goal is to master your character’s unique abilities to explore the furthest-flung crannies of this vividly hypnotic

Avenue Flo & Avenue Flo: Special Delivery [FINAL]

Avenue Flo & Avenue Flo: Special Delivery [FINAL] PC Game DownloadAvenue FloDue to a series of mysterious events, the biggest wedding in DinerTown history is on the brink of disaster! As Flo, you will have to explore the whole town, interacting with your neighbors and enlisting their help as you solve puzzles, collect missing items, and complete challenging activities that will put

King's Smith 2 [FINAL]

King's Smith 2 [FINAL] PC Game DownloadYou had lived a peaceful and honorable life on a castle as a royal king's smith. But malicious betrayal changed it all forever. As a young blacksmith Anya try to figure out what happened and why have you been taken out of a royal court. Despite your memory loss you will slowly discover hidden plans beyond your kidnap. Kingdom is in danger and King needs

Zuzu & Pirates [FINAL]

Zuzu & Pirates [FINAL] PC Game DownloadDefend Zuzu from the pirates! Find the stolen honey, and build a castle to protect your Zuzu family in Zuzu & Pirates! Journey to the amazing Zuzuland in this fun Hidden Object game! Meet cute characters as you build up defenses and prepare a strategy to deal with the evil flying pirates. Stop the enemies from taking even more of the treasures of the

Venus: The Case of the Grand Slam Queen [FINAL]

Venus: The Case of the Grand Slam Queen [FINAL] PC Game DownloadStep into Venus’s world and help her win another Grand Slam championship while she’s being hounded by an unknown stalker. Solve the mystery by unlocking clues and playing exciting Hidden Object games. Get an insider’s view on Venus’s life and passions, which include tennis, interior and fashion design, and dogs in Venus: The

6 Days Hog Pack [FINAL]

6 Days Hog Pack [FINAL]PC Game DownloadIt's a game you've never played before! It's an unforgetable mix of thrilling adventures, the most absorbing story line, enigmatic characters, Egyptian symbolism and Tibetan spirit. You have only 3 days to save the world, to find all parts of the powerfull amulet and catch the criminals!Don't stop for a minute, a busy time is coming: Tibet with its

Incredible Adventures of my Mom [FINAL]

Incredible Adventures of my Mom [FINAL] PC Game DownloadHelp Mrs. Burley, and her detective son Sammy, as they dive into the Incredible Adventures of my Mom, a fun Hidden Object game! After the Chief of police is kidnapped, Sammy is put in charge of an extremely dangerous case. Mrs. Burley decides to travel to Italy to help look after her son and ends up in an Incredible Adventure. Travel to

Bear's Dream [FINAL]

Bear's Dream [FINAL] PC Game DownloadHelp a bear fulfill his dreams by putting his natural talents to use and earn enough money to buy his very own boat! Grow a variety of plants, catch fish, and produce new goods as you start raking in the cash. Upgrade Bear’s tools and produce more items quicker than ever before! Use your Time Management skills and live Bear’s Dream!*Fast-paced gameplay*

Coffee Rush 2 [FINAL]

Coffee Rush 2 [FINAL] PC Game DownloadOpen your own Coffee Shop and take back the town. Swap coffee beans, milk, sugar and other tasty ingredients to prepare a menu full of tasty blends.Coffee Rush 2 [FINAL] | 39 MB

Arevan: The Bitter Truth [FINAL]

Arevan: The Bitter Truth [FINAL] PC Game DownloadTrack down a villain who is behind a series of mysterious murdersMysterious murders are taking place in various kingdoms. Solemaun, the king of Arevan, decides to start a covert investigation with other world rulers. By his order, Prince Maurean, his son, sets off on a journey to discover the identity of the murderer and any ulterior motives he

Time Mysteries: Inheritance [FINAL]

Time Mysteries: Inheritance [FINAL] PC Game DownloadVivien Ambrose has just discovered how to travel through time! After an evil time traveler kidnaps her father, it’s up to Vivien to follow them to the past. Using a mysterious crystal ball, visit the past, and meet Vivien’s ancestors. Collect seven magical rings to power up the crystal ball in this Hidden Object game. Set off through

FBI: Paranormal Cases [FINAL]

FBI: Paranormal Cases [FINAL] PC Game DownloadJames is an FBI agent, recently promoted to the Department of Unclosed Case Files. In the course of his investigations he discovers an incredible international conspiracy that hides a sinister secret Help the young agent finish his inquiry in a deadly race against time A thrilling adventureGames Features:* 30 locations to explore* Minigames,

Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's The Black Cat Collector's Edition [FINAL]

Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's The Black Cat Collector's Edition [FINAL] PC Game DownloadGo on an adventure with Inspector Dupin! Monsieur Mark Davies has reported his wife, Sara, missing and now it’s up to you to track her down and solve the mystery! Follow a mysterious black cat, who seems to be purposely helping you, and discover helpful clues in Dark Tales: Edgar Allen Poe’s The Black Cat

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