FREE GAMES Faces Of War - Multi 5

Requisitos Mínimos:

Sistema: Windows XP/2000
Procesador: 1,5 GHz
Memoria: 512 MB RAM
Tarjeta gráfica : GeForce 3 o superior

Peso: 369 MB
Peso Descomprimido: 2,60 GB
Idioma: Multi 5 (incluye español)

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Requisitos mínimos:

Procesador: 1.500 MHz
Memoria RAM: 256 MB
Tarjeta gráfica 64 MB

Idioma: Ingles

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Pass: tutunautas
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Pirates Of The Caribbean At World's End


Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
Pentium 3 800Mhz processor (P4 1Ghz rec.),
256 MB RAM (512 recommended),
400 MB disk space available,
32MB graphics card (64 MB recommended),
DirectX 9 or better, Broadband internet connection


Idioma: Ingles
Tamaño: 150 mbs

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Pass: tutunautas
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Download games-Doom 3 - EXP for PC

is essentially a remake of the original Doom, though series fans will find reimagined versions of almost every monster from both Doom and Doom II in the new sequel. You play as a nameless, voiceless 22nd-century space marine called by the Union Aerospace Corporation to its Mars research facility beset with mysterious problems--the forces of hell, to be exact. You'll end up single-handedly fighting back legions of hellspawn using weapons like shotguns, machine guns, and rocket launchers.

As in the classic Doom games, your foes here are liable to strike at any time--often just as you round a corner, grab a much-needed power-up, or set foot into a new area. So, while your enemies will materialize without notice, and may occasionally startle you as they leap out of the darkness, Doom 3 cannot easily be described as scary or suspenseful. On the contrary, it's verypredictable, and more or less it just goes through the same types of paces that you've probably gone through before in any number of other similar games.


Resurrection of Evil picks up about two years after the hellish catastrophe of the original game.The Union Aerospace Corporation, in its infinite drive for profits, has established a new base to continue the study of an ancient Martian civilization uncovered by the original science team. During an exploratory mission, your character--a different marine than the one you played in Doom 3--unwisely picks up an evil artifact that just happens to open another portal to hell, which leads to the deaths of almost everyone on the base, as well as unleashes a new wave of demons, led by the demonic Dr. Betruger (who wants his toy back). With the help of Dr. Elizabeth McNeil, who acts as this game's Sarge, you'll have to blast your way through hordes of enemies as you attempt to reach hell to seal the artifact there, hopefully ending the threat of invasion forever.

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The History of Superman.

The History of Superman.Superman is a fictional character and superhero of DC Comics who first appeared in Action Comics #1 in 1938 and is considered the first character to embody the particular combination of traits that characterize the modern superhero.

The comic book character, created by Toronto-born Joe Shuster and Ohio-born Jerry Siegel for National Comics (today DC Comics), subsequently appeared in various radio serials, television programs, films, and video games. As was written in the first edition of Action Comics #1 (June, 1938), Superman was born Kal-El on the planet Krypton and, as an infant, was rocketed to Earth by Jor-El, his scientist father, moments before Krypton exploded.

The rocket landed on Earth outside the town of Smallville, where young Kal-El was discovered and adopted by the amiable Jonathan and Martha Kent. As he grew, he discovered that he possessed powers far beyond those of mortal men and women and resolved to use them to help others.

When not fighting the forces of evil as Superman, he lived among humanity as "mild-mannered" Clark Kent, a reporter for the Daily Planet. Clark worked alongside reporter Lois Lane, with whom he was romantically involved.


hehehe...Alhamdulillah ..aku dapat juga nih AWARD dari bang budi hutasoit..thanks ya bang..walaupun abang ngak jadi ngasi oleh-oleh buat aku dari SINGAPORE..bagiku yang ini juga sangat berarti dan lebih besar maknanya.berarti abg masih ingat ama aku walaupun abg berada di negri orang..ce ileeeee..kaya "Shuting Sinetron" ni yeeee.. hihihi...oh ya bang,nanti aku akan berikan and teruskan AWARD ini ama teman yang lainnya.biar aku cari dulu orangnya bang..maklum aja.. aku blom ngerti yg ngini2an.karna aku masih terlalu muda dalam dunia internetan.tapi benar nih yg ini AWARD yg buat aku kan?..ntar aku salah ambil lagiiiiii.....tolong di beritahu ya kalau aku salah..biar aku tukar and perbaiki.hehehe...oc dech...sekali lagi thanks buat bang budiawan..SUCCES FOR YOU...

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Snow Rally - City Stage (PREVIEW)

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Subaru - Rally Challenge (J2ME)

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